3-Day & 3-night retreat, September 9-12

Feed your BODY, MIND & HEART

Would you like to…

  • reconnect to yourself & Nature
  • restore physically and emotionally
  • meet beautiful Nature scenaries
  • learn what you can do to take control of your physical & emotional health
  • meet like-minded people
  •  relax in a beautiful and inspiring environment
  •  feel more physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced
  • have renewed energy and inner peace

Join us for this powerful retreat!

Be nourished at all levels

Your Body. Your Mind. Your Heart.

Reconnect & Restore

Connecting Physical & Emotional Wellbeing​

Discover beautiful Natural scenaries

Meet yourself

Who are you in your truth?

Who are you in your freedom?

Who are you in your DRAGONPOWER?

The dragon power is connected with our vital creative power and the universal life energy that flows through Mother Nature. Our ancestors called women and men, who managed to awaken her “Dragonriders”.

The power of the dragon in connection with spontaneous healing of serious illnesses has been a fascinating field of research.

At one of the most mystical places of power in Europe, a druid grove in the Piemontese area of Damanhur, Italy, we invite you to meet YOURSELF.

What will we do?

Healthy food

Nourish your body with organic healthy foods (local & seasonal whenever possible). Let’s give our body the raw materials it needs to restore!

We will also be giving participants that choose the Premium Package a private nutrition & lifestyle coaching session.


Take care of your “temple”, your body, by eating healthy & by moving! We will be incorporating movements from the yoga, tai chi and Qi Gong. We will be walking to beautiful places to  discover the beautiful Nature scenaries the region has to offer.


Disconnect to reconnect! Disconnect from your daily busy life to reconnect with yourself, with Nature and with other like-minded people.

Healthy sleep

We will be sharing with you important science-based strategies to improve your sleep.


This retreat is all about relaxation!

If you choose the Premium Package, you will also receive a nice relaxing massage 🙂

Emotional healing

We will be doing emotional body work to heal your emotions.

Herbs & esential oils

We will be collecting local herbs to cook and make tea while talking about their scientific proven benefits. We will be also talking about the science-based benefits of essential oils and how to prepare DIYs.

Join us for this powerful seminar in a very special place.

Meet Damanhur

Damanhur is an eco- and spiritual community in the north of Italy embedded in the Piedmontese Valquiusella valley. This region is full of beautiful Nature scenaries, including untouched mountain forests and jutting waterfalls.

The community of Damanhur includes over 500 people spread across the valley and around 1000 people spread around the world.

The temples of the Humankind constitute a fascinating and amazing work of art, and a true demonstration of the human potential. They were carved by hand in the mountain as part of a spiritual operation, and are dedicated to the Awakening of the divine within every human being. The temples are sometimes viewed by art historians, philosophers and metaphysicians as the eighth wonder of the world. Sensitive people especially perceive the high energy of this powerful place, where it is said that many atmospheric-energetic lines meet.

Our teachings are not directly connected to Damanhur, but are based on our own professional experience of many years of studies (even though Albert Emmanuel already is in the damanhurian school of meditation). Also the location of the seminar is not in the temples but in the near vicinity of the Federation of Damanhur. We however encourage everybody who comes to our seminar to visit at least one of the two Holy Sites, the Temples of the Humankind and the Sacred Woods of Damanhur to complete this extraordinary experience. To know more about Damanhur and all these activities please visit their website damanhur.org/en

The booking of the classic visit of the Temples and/or the Sacres Woods can also be arranged via us after the reservation of this retreat!

The program

When: 9-12 September 2021

Where: Damanhur region, North of Italy (precise location will be provided after registration)


Day 1 – Thursday, September 9:

Morning: Classic Visit of Damanhur (optional but highly recommended – price not included in the retreat price)

14h-16h – Arrival at the retreat site & check-in

16h-19h – Introductory dynamics

19h-20h – Dinner

20:30- Evening dynamics


Day 2 – Friday, September 10:

Morning movement & meditation


Workshop: healing foods + meal preparation together

Afternoon: Emotional body work in Nature

Private Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching / Massage / Reiki


Evening dynamics


Day 3 – Saturday, September 11:

Morning movement & meditation


Walk to a waterfall and collecting herbs in the way


Afternoon: Emotional body work in Nature

Private Nutrition & Lifestyle coaching / Massage / Reiki


Evening dynamics


Day 4 – Sunday, September 12:

Morning movement & meditation


Workshop: oils & essential oils, DIYs




3-night retreat Feed your Body, your Mind & your Heart

If you would like to know more about this retreat or would love to participate but don’t have the financial resources, please contact us and we will find a solution!

Contact us at infobrainchoices@gmail.com or albert@alel.at

Other Dates

Would you love to attend this retreat but cannot make it on September 9th-12th?

We have two more possibilities for you!

August 27th-29th

September 24th-26th

In these two dates, we will be focusing more on the Emotional Body Work in Nature (Dragon power) with Albert Kessler.  Dr. Ana Coito cannot be in these dates in the region of Damanhur (but she will be available via zoom).

For inquiries concerning these two dates please contact albert@howtohealyourheart.at or 0043 6648350555.


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