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April 26-30, 5pm CET | 4pm BST | 8am PT | 11am EST

Overweight, fatigue, mood problems, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, polycystic ovaries, type 2 diabetes…what do they have in common?


Did you know that on average people eat almost 60 pounds (27 kg) of added sugar A YEAR?!!

The thing is, even if you think you don’t eat that much sugary stuff, your sugar consumption might still be high simply because sugar is everywhere! Sugar has over fifty different names and is hidden in many packaged foods, even in the ones labeled as “organic” or “bio”.

That’s why removing sugar from your diet is not as simple as not adding the white stuff to your coffee or not eating sweets.

And the big problem of this?

 Sugar is likely a major contributing factor for your health concern, no matter whether it’s a physically or a mental concern.

There are hundreds of thousands of studies showing the detrimental effects of added sugar. These studies have demonstrated the key role that sugar plays in practically every chronic disease and it is therefore one of the main culprits behind the increase in chronic or “civilization” diseases we see worldwide.

Ana Coito, PhD

I’m Dr. Ana Coito and I have been sugar-free for about 10 years. When I got in contact with this topic I had just finished my MSc in Biomedical Engineering and part of my education had taken place in the medical school. So, I got really surprised that I had never heard about the detrimental health consequences of sugar as I had had several medical courses such as “Physiology”, “Mechanisms of disease”, “Biochemistry”, “Metabolism”, among others. So, I got very intrigued about this and started doing my own research.

 I read books and scientific articles, watched documentaries, and I became really passionate about this topic. There was at that time already A LOT of science backing this up!!

I was also struggling with some health conditions from allergies to mental health problems and fatigue. So, I decided to quit sugar from then on. At that time not as many people were speaking up about the importance of this topic, and I am aware that I was looked at by many people as a “weirdo”. But I didn’t really care. I knew my whys and I knew the science behind it.


Eating healthy did definitely not take place from one day to the next for me. It was a process, because I did it by myself. However, this process can be much faster and easier with the right support!

My research into this topic led me to the conclusion that…

Sugar is the #1 most toxic food of our time and one of the main culprits for the raise in chronic diseases we see in world.


Science has shown that industrial sugar and blood sugar imbalances mess up with your brain, heart, hormones, and all systems in your body really.

I am very passionate about this topic as I know how big of a difference it could make in people’s lives.

This is why I am convinced that…

Going sugar-free is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your health and well-being.

 Maybe you are worried about ditching your favourite dishes and sweets … but let me assure you:

You can continue eating delicious meals and snacks that happen to be also healthy!! 🙂 Going sugar-free doesn’t have to be boring!!

Cacao Almonds Instagram Feed

Going sugar-free is not a diet. It’s a lifestyle.

Now, maybe you know all this and you have been trying to quit sugar for a long time but it’s not easy. Sometimes you can do it for a while, but then you relapse and go back to your previous eating patterns.

I want to acknowledge you and say that it’s not your fault, because:

  • sugar is very addictive and on day 3 of this challenge I will show you the evidence of how sugar is more addictive than heavy drugs like cocaine.
  • habit change is not easy.
  • some form of sugar is in almost all package foods
  • it’s really hard to make changes on our own, especially if your family doesn’t want to make this change as well. A supportive and like-minded community of people makes the whole difference for success.

Do you feel NOW is the time to finally achieve your health goals and break free from sugar?

Would you like to…

  • increase your energy and vitality
  • sleep better
  • have more focus and less brain fog
  • stabilize your mood
  • lose weight
  • stop cravings and be free from sugar addiction
  • stop obsessing about food
  • reduce period pain and balance your hormones
  • improve your skin conditions
  • reduced your risk for type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, fatty liver, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression and other mood disorders, or any other chronic disease
  • improve your children’s eating habits, because you are leading by example

Are you ready to reclaim your health?

If your answer is YES, then I would love you to join me at my upcoming

FREE challenge “5-day Sugar-free Jumpstart”

In this challenge you will:

  • Create the vision of who you want to become when sugar stops ruling your life and once you install healthier eating habits – for example, maybe you want to shed some pounds, or you want to feel full of energy, or you would like to better manage a health condition you are dealing with
  • Start spotting hidden sugars
  • Learn how to start breaking free from sugar addiction
  • Learn how to create a delicious and healthy sugar-free meals that will make you forget that the sugary stuff exists
  • Learn the importance of mindset and community to reach your goals

Program of this FREE 5-day challenge

Day 1: Why quit sugar & create your well-being vision

Day 2: Get rid of hidden sugars

Day 3: Break free from sugar addiction

Day 4: Create a delicious healthy meal plan

Day 5: Unleash your vision


This challenge starts on April 26 and finishes on April 30.

Each day we will be live on Facebook and Zoom for about 20-30min starting at 5 pm CET | 4pm BST | 8 am PT | 11 pm EST.

You cannot make it live? Don’t worry,  you can catch up later! The replay will be available for a limited time.

Ready to feel happier and healthier than ever before? Now’s your chance!

Let’s do this!!!