Reclaim the health & wellbeing you know you deserve!


A private 1-on-1 experience to
reclaim your health and boost your energy levels

Do you often…

• feel overwhelmed?

• have high levels of stress at work?

• not sleep well?

• wake up feeling already tired?

• have trouble focusing ?

• feel forgetful?

• worry too much?

• feel tired but wired when you go to bed?

• not go through the day without a coffee?

• have low motivation levels, although you know you are not lazy?

• struggle to find time for yourself in your busy schedule?

Nobody is perfect, and we all do our best with the resources we have at a given moment. But what if we could have more resources and someone that would accompany and guide us step by step in the way? The way is then much shorter.

What is Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching?

Nutrition and Lifestyle coaching combines nutrition and lifestyle approaches with coaching skills to support long-term diet and lifestyle sustainable changes.

In my Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching, I focus specifically on brain and mental health. I include strategies that will help you:

    • boost your energy levels
    • lower your stress levels
    • improve your sleep
    • improve your mood
    • improve your focus & concentration
    • improve your motivation
    • improve your cognitive performance


This is not about “taking a magical pill” and changing your life overnight.


This about gradual but sustainable long-term lifestyle changes that will transform your life.

The areas that we will be covering are ...


You will get a dietary analysis (nutrition software), suggestions of what to optimize, meal plans and recipes. Here we also cover strategies to optimize gut health.

Sleep & circadian rhythm

We will implement strategies to optimize your sleep and circadian rhythm.


We will explore together ways to get more movement into your daily routine.

Stress & emotional issues

We will address several stress-management strategies that you can implement on a daily basis and when you feel really stressed out.


We will explore your possible toxic exposures. This can also contribute to fatigue and mood issues.


You will get suggestions of supplements that may be beneficial for your particular case.


Suggestions on how to better manage your time to also include self-care time in your day.


We will explore your limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and include strategies to address that.

Don’t worry, we will not be addressing all these areas at once! This will be a gradual change, according to what you are ready for. Each person is unique and we all have different needs.

First of all, we will check together which of these areas would need to be first addressed in your specific situation. Then, we will implement together small action steps and we will build on from there. I say “together” because it is very important to address your readiness for each of the action steps we will be talking about.


Even the smallest action, when taken consistently, can lead to great results.

The thing is, maybe many times we cannot change the circumstances in which we are in, but we can change ourselves in a way that we can cope better with everyday challenges, because we are stronger (mentally and physically). We have the tools! And when we have more energy and concentration, everything in our life improves.

Are you ready to...

  • feel full of energy to do everything you want?
  • feel healthy and happy?
  • fall asleep fast and have a great recovery sleep?
  • learn how to manage your stress? Maybe we cannot always control the outside circunstances, but we could control how to react to them, if we have the tools.
  • prioritize yourself, so not only you can feel better, but the ones around you as well?
  • enjoy your life, because you optimize your schedule and maximize your free time?
  • perform at your best in all areas of your life?

I am currently offering a FREE 1-on-1 45min coaching session!

If you are interested or want to know more info please contact me at info@brainchoices.com

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In this FREE coaching session you will:

    • Create a crystal clear vision of what you would like to achieve.
    • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your efforts to get that.
    • You’ll leave the session renewed, reenergized, and inspired to finally get the health & wellbeing you envision and deserve!

    If you are ready to take charge of your health, and ultimately of your life, book your FREE session now!

    Send me an e-mail to info@brainchoices.com to arrange a FREE call with me!

    About Dr. Ana Coito


    I’m Dr. Ana Coito. I’m very passionate about neuroscience and healthy lifestyle topics. Thousands of scientific studies have shown that lifestyle choices can have a huge impact on our brain health. And brain health is such an important topic! If our brain is not well, we don’t feel well.

    I hold a PhD in Neuroscience, a CAS in Nutrition and I’m a certified Nutrition & Lifestyle coach, among other degrees (see more about me here).

    I know out of experience what it is like being in a fast-paced environment and feel tired all the time.

    When I was in my Masters and PhD, I struggled will all those points mentioned above. I was many times highly stress, under deadlines, and I was always pushing myself to perform at the highest level. This led me several times to deep exhaustion and serious anxiety.

    I started to care about what I was eating after my Masters and got really interested in the field of Nutrition. However, I came to understand that this is not the only important point to consider to address fatigue and mood issues. There are several other lifestyle points that are equally important. Things like improving our sleep and circadian rhythm, exercise, stress-management techniques, addressing our limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, healthy connection to ourselves and others, do more of the things we love….are all important.